Maximize Your Gaming Potential

DOTA Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne Loading screenAre you a gamer? Well, I’ll assume you are as you reached this page. Or if you’re not, soon you’ll still become one of us. By the way, if you’re not familiar with Warcraft 3, you can visit it’s author’s site at Blizzard’s Homepage which is now Activision Blizzard. And about the map Dota, you can have it at Get Dota. This is a great custom map to test your Team playing skills.


Anyway, for fellow Pro Gamers out there, did it come a time where you or your team we’re badly beaten and wiped out out of a bloody clash against, for example, Scourge if you’re playing Sentinels in DOTA of Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne, or other games of these kind. Have you almost had them by your clutches when your finger missed that elusive spells Hotkey necessary to deliver a fatal blow or a support Area-of-Effect skill, for example, an AOE heal?


No, it’s not your finger who’s at fault here, even though a more faster hands can manage it, but still, you’re not alone on this frustrating moment in the game. It’s the poor ergonomic design of your keyboard. These keyboards are usually the stock ones or the ones which comes free when you purchase an amazing CPU casing along with stock mouse and speakers.
stock keyboards mouse and speakers

Well anyway, these ‘freebies’ are good enough if you’re a newbie user, learning how to deal with their first computers. These usually is quite good enough for music playing, typing, and games. But definitely NOT for PRO GAMERS. So if you call yourself a PRO GAMER, be sure you’re not dealing with these stock keyboards. 

Reasons why a frequent computer user or gamer should avoid stock keyboards:

1.)  Risk of muscle strain.
muscle pain and injury
2.) Injury in some cases. Yes, you are at great risk! Do you know something about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
keyboard injury keyboard sprain

3.) Inaccuracy and uncomfortability when typing therefore reducing speed and productivity.

4.) Takes a toll on your concentration when you should only concentrate on the screen and not on the keyboard making you prone to more typo errors.

Here are some videos on what we offer:

This one is good for tourists since this wireless keyboard is ideal for their laptops. No wires that can be messed up! Not only is this keyboard compact, it also has its own joystick to navigate with! More products like these at Ergonomics Keyboards!

The Happy Hacking Lite Keyboard is ideal for coders. Even though it is wired, it is compact enough to fit in almost any pouch! It has also big CTRL keys for hotkey-dependent coders, and a usb ports on the sides! Very ideal if used with wireless mice and if you need fast usb transfers if you’re using a cumbersome CPU with hard to reach usb port. See more like it at Ergonomics Keyboards .

A keyboard with an integrated touchpad! Yes, it’s for real. If you like the feel of a laptop’s touchpad, then this keyboard is for you! With it’s elegant and compact design, the built in touchpad will save you the need to buy a mouse if you still don’t have one and besides, saves your hand from muscle strain caused by using a mouse! It doesn’t have a numeric keypad though but the benefits are unparalleled. See more keyboards like these at Ergonomics Keyboards

Reasons why you should use ergonomic keyboards:

1.) Comfort
ergonomic keyboard ergonomic keyboards
2.) Stress-free typing and/or gaming and data encoding.

3.) Win more battles!! FTW! 

Is it really feasible to migrate to ergonomic keyboards?

Let’s balance it out.


+Reduces chances of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.           

+ Increased productivity and output.                           

+Makes typing easier and faster             

+ Helps you enjoy your computer and helps you last longer programming, gaming or doing business. 

+ A good keyboard or mouse can be your best friend, but a low quality keyboard and mouse can be your worst nightmare.


2 to 3 times the price of a stock   keyboard.

– It takes time to adjust to a new  feeling.

– Because it is expensive and attractive, these kinds of keyboards are prone to theft so users are advised to take extra care when using these wonderful innovations. 


Now even though the price is high, most ergonomic keyboards offer cool features!! Loaded with amazing LEDS and shortcut keys or multimedia controls,some are equipped with scroll wheels, and an elegant backlight in some brands.. here are some of them
wireless ergonomic keyboard
With its sleek design and portability, suited for gaming enthusiasts..
wireless ergonomic keyboard with touchpad for mac
wireless ergonomic keyboard with touchpad for mac

Take note, most of these types of keyboards are using USB port.

logitech g15 gaming keyboard

Ergonomic keyboard gaming or encoding combination is a very great mix!
So what are you waiting for, get in the position now, and join the latest trend in health and technology!

Ergonomics keyboards can be bought on local retail stores or at Ergonomics Made Easy
Games where you can make use of your new ergonomic keyboards are featured at Mega Games

Video game cheats available here
Lvl 55-56 PVP Guide for World of Warcraft
Red Alert 3: Game Review
Save Your Vision to Continue Playing Games!
Links to other Ergonomic Keyboards Sources


~ by Adrian Borja on February 16, 2009.

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